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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dozens injured in Palestinian weekly nonviolent protests all over West Bank

Protesters and journalists in Bil'in, N'ilin, Nabi Saleh, and Qalandia were injured by Israeli forces.

Dozens wounded in Bil'in's weekly nonviolent protest

IMEMC – Dozens suffered asphyxiation as a result of inhaling gas fired by Israeli soldiers against nonviolent protesters in the village of Bil'in near the West Bank city of Ramallah Friday.

Palestnians in Bil'in express rejection to an expected at UN Security Council (Photo: Rani Burnat)

The villagers of Bil'in together with International and Israeli peace activists joined a nonviolent demonstration in support of the Palestinian statehood bid. The demonstration was organized by the popular committee against the wall and settlements.

The march started following the Friday prayer and headed to the lands that have been recently retrieved by an Israeli court ruling, carrying Palestinian flags with the number 194 printed on them, marking the number of the anticipated Palestinian state in if approved by UN.

Protesters also carried an American flag with the word Veto printed on it, and flew kites carrying Palestinian flags. Protesters then burned the American flag and put it on the fence separating them from their lands.

As protesters attempted to go through the fence to reach their confiscated land, Israeli troops operating their showered them with concussion grenades, tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets which caused dozens to choke. The wounded were treated by field medics of the Palestinian Red Crescent. The intensive use of gas bombs and concussion grenades set fire to the nearby olive trees, however the villagers managed to put it out.

Israeli Forces Use Gas To Stop Nonviolent Protest In N'ilin

IMEMC – Dozens of nonviolent protests suffered effects of gas inhalation in the weekly nonviolent anti-wall protest in the village of N'ilin near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday.

The villagers of N'ilin marched Friday in support of the Palestinian bid for full UN membership.

The marchers also chanted slogans condemning the speech made by the US President Barack Obama at the United Nations' General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, accusing him of ignoring 60 years of the suffering of the Palestinian people.

As protesters arrived at the metal gate of the wall, Israeli troops fired a number of gas and sound bombs which cause dozens to choke.

Injuries Reported in an-Nabi Saleh During Demonstration

IMEMC News – Injuries were reported, on Friday, in the West Bank village of an-Nabi Saleh following the Israeli military's suppression of its weekly non-violent protest.

During the regular protest two Palestinian residents of the village, located in the district of Ramallah, were injured by rubber coated steel bullet fire.

Nariman Tamimi, wife of Popular Committee co-member Bassem who currently awaiting trial in an Israel jail, was shot in the chest by a rubber bullet, but was reported to be in good condition, and returned to continue to protest later in the day.

A young man, as of yet unnamed, was taken to hospital after he collapsed following a rubber bullet grazing his head.

The residents of the village were joined by Israeli and international supporters, one of whom was injured. The French photographer was shot, in two separate incidents, by the Israeli military.

The initial injury was caused by rubber bullet fire, which struck the man in the arm. Later during the demonstration, the man was shot in the leg with a tear gas canister, leaving a large wound on his leg and chipping off part of his shin bone.

It is unclear whether the tear gas canister was fired directly at the man, as was the case of Bassem Abu Rahme of Bil'in village, leading to his death, or accidental.

In addition to usual tactics including the firing of rubber bullets and tear gas, the Israeli military used an audio weapon, known as "the scream". The weapon emits a constant high pitched noise that leads to pain and disorientation, and doctors have reported that long term exposure to the weapon may lead to deafness.

Protesters and Journalists Injured at Qalandia

IMEMCPalestinians protested, on Friday, at the Qalandia checkpoint that separates Ramallah from East Jerusalem resulting in injuries to both protestors and two journalists.

Reports vary as to the number of protestors at the checkpoint, ranging from 20 to 50, who threw stones at the Israeli military resulting in the protestors coming under fire from tear gas canisters and rubber coated steel bullets.

Two journalists were included in the numbers injured, including former IMEMC reporter Ghassan Bannoura, who was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.