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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tom Friedman can’t praise Egyptians without insulting Palestinians

The Faster Times - Thomas Friedman has made millions of dollars by writing poorly constructed metaphors and urging war on the Middle East. It’s good work, if you can stomach it. Now, however, he would like to jump on the feel-good revolutionary wave centered in Tehrir Square and praise Egyptians for protesting for the ouster of Mubarak. That’s fine, as far as is goes, but isn’t there ALSO some way he marginalize the Palestinians in the process? There is! Oh, good.

Generally speaking, Friedman’s column in today’s New York Times is relatively harmless. And I will give him this: he’s very savvy at jumping on the newest bandwagon, whether it’s “globalization-friendly environmentalism” or revolutionary fervor, you can bet that he’ll be there to profit on it. Today’s entry can be filed in the latter category, and as far as it goes isn’t bad — until the ever-present tenancy to render Israel’s occupation of Palestine invisible rears its ugly head.

"You almost never hear the word “Israel,” and the pictures of “martyrs” plastered around the square are something rarely seen in the Arab world — Egyptians who died fighting for their own freedom not against Israel." [emphasis added.]

The American media has collectively approved the narrative that Egyptians are fighting for their freedom from a tyrant, which is correct. But for Friedman, it’s simply impossible that Palestinians fighting against the occupation of their country are fighting for their own freedom as well. For Friedman, they are fighting against Israel. That country’s action’s are almost never closely examined and criticized in the American media. Israel reacts, not instigates. Israel is the victim, never the aggressor....Read more