Studies show that US coverage is Israeli-centric. The main bureaus for CNN, Associated Press, Time, etc. are located in Israel and often staffed by Israelis. The son of the NY Times bureau chief is in the Israeli army;"pundit" Jeffrey Goldberg served in the IDF; Wolf Blitzer worked for AIPAC. Because the U.S. gives Israel over $8 million/day - more than to any other nation - we feel it is essential that we be fully informed on this region. Below are news reports to augment mainstream coverage.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Israeli Jerusalem municipality continues landscaping and renaming campaign of city

IMEMC- The Israeli Jerusalem municipality has continued to Judaise East Jerusalem through the renaming of Arab street names and monuments in the city, according to Wafa.

As part of what the municipality calls “infrastructure restoration and area development” authorities fenced off areas around the cities historic Damascus Gate to undertake name and landscape changed as part of the Judaizing of the city. Wafa report that Solomon's Cave has been changed to “Yahu’s Cave” and Sultan Suleiman Street changed to Yahu Street.

The municipality plan looks to remove olive trees from the area while establishing Talmudic parks in an effort to give it a Talmudic character.

Israeli human rights organisation BT Selem has documented thousands of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes in the city which, they claim, is part of an effort to cleanse the area of Palestinian inhabitants and replace them with Jewish Israelis.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 and demand Jerusalem be maintained as the unified capital of Israel. Palestinian leaders, however, demand East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.