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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arab League convenes to discuss Palestinian UN bid, peace process

Ma’an -- Arab League officials will convene in Doha, Qatar on Thursday to discuss the next steps before September, the Palestinian president's spokesman said.

Nabil Abu Rdeina said Wednesday that the body's peace process follow-up committee would discuss supporting the Palestinian bid for recognition of an independent state at the UN General Assembly.

Future challenges in light of the impasse the peace process has reached and the Middle East Quartet’s failure to relaunch negotiations will also be on the meeting’s agenda, Abu Rdeina said in a statement.

The Arab League announced Tuesday that its ministerial committee on the Arab Peace Initiative would hold a meeting Thursday at the request Sheikh Hamad Ben Jasim, prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, who chairs the committee.

Deputy secretary-general of the Arab League Ahmad Ben Hilli told reporters that President Mahmoud Abbas would attend the meeting.

Abbas, he added, will present a comprehensive report about the PLO's future plans on the UN bid and the peace process in light of the latest Quartet meeting.

Arab League secretary-general Nabil Al-Arabi will also present an evaluative report.

Sheikh Hamad Ben Jasim will give an update and the committee will recommend what future moves could be taken in light of the political, financial and diplomatic developments.