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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Israeli supermarket in West Bank to segregate Jewish workers from Muslims

PNN – An Israeli grocery store built in Area C outside of Gush Etzion settlement has decided to separate the Palestinian and Jewish workers.

According to a report in Israeli daily Haaretz, baggers are no longer working most days at the supermarket, except on their busiest nights when there is little time for socializing between Jews and Palestinians.

The change in policy came following uproar in the Gush Etzion settlement when its residents heard that a Jewish girl from the settlement who works at the market became involved in a romantic relationship with a Palestinian bagger.

An influential rabbi that lives in Gush Etzion brought concerns to the owner of the grocery chain, Rami Levi, who eventually decided he would change the store's policy regarding the mixing of Jews and non-Jews.

Levi, who claims he is “against assimilation,” denied that the Palestinian bagger involved in the romance was fired.