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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hamas organizes summer trips for poor Palestinians living in refugee camps in Gaza

Ma’an -- The Hamas movement has initiated a campaign to boost the spirits of poor people in Gaza this summer.

The Islamist movement says it is spending some $30,000 to arrange boat trips for about 1,000 families from the Jabaliya refugee camp area.

The free trips would include transportation costs, a fancy dinner, a stay in a tent inside a park, and even a gift for each participating child.

Hamas leader Ibrahim Salah said “the start of the campaign aims to decrease the suffering and depression of the Palestinian people under difficult circumstances, particularly due to the blockade.”

Salah added: "The Hamas movement spares no effort to serve the Palestinian people and these trips are being set up to appreciate the enormous sacrifices by Palestinians for their homeland”.

The campaign will prioritize poor families who suffer from difficult living conditions, Salah said.

Each trip will last 15 days, starting from July 9 through the end of the month.