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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Israeli Authorities uproot, confiscate 450 olive trees in Salfit

Wafa– Israeli authorities Monday uprooted and confiscated 450 olive trees in Wadi Qana, an area west of Deir Estia near Salfit in the northern West Bank, according to Nazmi Salman, mayor of Deir Estia.

Israeli soldiers prevented Palestinian farmers from reaching their land in Wadi Qana under the pretext of it being classified as a closed military area, said Salman.

He added that an Israeli bulldozer accompanied by officers in the civil administration and soldiers uprooted 450 olive trees and destroyed land that belongs to a Palestinian resident in Deir Estia.

He said that Israeli forces confiscated the olive trees and the fence that surrounds the lands. It is believed that they took the trees to the nearby settlements of Karnei Shomron, Yakir and Nofim.

The mayor condemned the continuous Israeli attacks against Palestinians, targeting the area of Wadi Qana, uprooting olive trees and destroying land reclamation projects in the area without any justification.

He pointed out that these measures are for the benefit of settlements and settlers who aim to control the water-rich area of Wadi Qana.

Salman stressed that Wadi Qana is witnessing an unprecedented campaign of occupation to make its residents' lives difficult in order to pressure them to leave the area, as a prelude for Israel to judaize it.

He said these measures are taken on grounds of protecting nature and said, ‘Does uprooting trees protect nature?’

Israeli authorities had uprooted and confiscated 300 olive trees in the same area in late June. Read more