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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Israeli forces attack journalist, attempted firebombing of Gaza news office

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PNN - Ramallah - The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms said this week that there had been several attacks on journalists this week in the West Bank and Gaza.

MADA said Hazem Bader, a photographer for the Associated Press, suffered burns on his legs and arms after an Israeli soldier threw a concussion grenade between his legs.

Bader was in the southern West Bank village of Altoana reporting on an event where local Palestinian, international and Israeli activists worked land that was under threat of confiscation from the Israeli army.

Another journalist, Mustafa Sabri, was stopped from going to Jordan through the Al Karama border terminal, said the same report. After waiting three hours, Israeli soldiers told Sabri he would not be allowed to leave because he was a security threat.

Border guards offered no more explanation to Sabri, who said, "I will not be silenced and I will continue to defend my right to travel."

In Gaza, the office of Palestinian news organization Ma'an was attacked with a bottle full of "burning material," said MADA. Ma'an's Gaza correspondent, Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil, said he found the door to the office burned and the apparent firebomb inside.

Khalil said the news agency had not received any recent threats. He did not know who might have attacked the office.

MADA called on the Israeli authorities to honor international law by not impeding the work and travel of journalists in the West Bank. It called on the Gaza authorities to investigate and bring to justice those who attacked the Ma'an office.