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Monday, July 11, 2011

Palestinian teen arrested in a village facing continuous raids

Ma’an- Israeli forces detained two people, including a minor, from Husan village east of Bethlehem on Monday.

Israeli troops entered the village, ransacking a number of homes, before detaining Montaser Mohammed Za'ul, 20, and Ahmed Ali Hamamra, 15, witnesses told Ma'an.

An Israeli army spokesperson said the detentions were a "criminal matter." The Israeli police could not be reached for comment.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Detainees' Affairs said 30 teenagers had been arrested in Husan between June and July. The ministry report said the Israeli army seized the youth in night raids, and took them for interrogation at Ofer and Kefar Ezyion jails.

Ministry lawyer Hussein Ash-Sheikh met the teens at Kefar Ezyion, the report said, where they told him their interrogation included beatings and threats, and that they were forced to sign statements they did not understand.

Munter Az-Zu’ul, 16, said an interrogator had insulted and beaten him, and painfully slapped his face several times. When he refused to sign a statement, Az-Zu’ul said, interrogator had beaten him.

Ali Abed Al-Wahhab, 17, told Ash-Sheikh that he was beaten with rifles and sticks, which had left marks all over his body.

Husan village is overshadowed by Jewish-only settlement Betar Illit, and encircled by the planned route of Israel's separation wall. Read more