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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Israeli peace group releases statement of support for the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla

AIC- We, Israeli organizations, Jews and Arabs, full-heartedly support
Freedom Flotilla, aim of sailing to the Port of Gaza with the
proclaimed goals of breaking through the sea and land siege and
blockade of Gaza, which is a manifestation of a continuing occupation
by Israel. We condemn the campaign of slander which the government of
Israel is waging against the flotilla and those who take part in it.
There is a very real reason to worry that such lies might be designed
by the government as a pretext and justification in advance for
further acts of violence against activists taking part in a legitimate
political act of protest.

The Gaza Flotilla is indeed a courageous act of political protest, an
expression of worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian people and
rejection of Israeli practices of oppressive occupation, as manifested
in the continuing siege and blockade of Gaza and the imposition of
collective punishment upon a mass of civilians.

At present the Gaza Strip is little more than a giant open air prison
where a million and half residents are held, deprived of their
fundamental rights. It is the right of Gaza Palestinians to maintain
direct contact with the outside world; it is their right to open and
maintain sea port where vessels might freely dock and depart, to
import and export all goods, for the benefit of their economy and in
fulfillment of its needs. The Palestinians have all these rights – not
one whit less than Israel has them. The state of Israel is obliged,
under International Law, to put an end to its control over the Gaza
Strip - indirect as well as direct - which is part of Israel's
wider obligations to out an to the occupation of Palestinian
territory and facilitate the independence of Palestine.

We must reiterate that, contrary to the statements issuing from the
government, the flotilla is acting non-violently in setting out to
Gaza. Moreover, if attacked by Israel's armed forces it is with
non-violence that activists on board intend to respond. A member of
the flotilla 's International Coordinating Team specifically
explicitly stated, when responding to assertions emanating from the
security system in Israel, that “there are no weapons of any kind on
board any of our boats – which could be confirmed by dozens of
international media representative on board". Activists intenting to
take passage in the flotilla are undergoing non-violence training and
sign clear personal commitment not to resort to violence.”

The government of Israel is conducting considerable efforts to cause
the flotilla to be regarded with fear, and to discourage people from
taking part in it. So as to create a baseless atmosphere of fear, lies
are knowingly spread lies regarding supposed preparations for violent
resistance and alleged plans to kill soldiers, and peace activists
taking part are accused of intending to run weapons into Gaza. At the
same time, an unprecedented pressure is applied to international
journalists, so as to deter them from covering the flotilla from on
board. The continuing media campaign which is clearly designed to
cause fear and hatred among the Israeli population, and there are
grounds for suspecting that it is intended to provide justification in
advance for the dangerous and harsh outcome liable to occur should the
boats be violently taken over and harm comes to their passengers.

We strongly condemn the the Government of Greece for its decision of
block the flotilla boats from leaving Greek ports in the direction
Gaza. This decision is in violation of International Law concerning
Freedom of the Seas, and is highly unreasonable. Reports in Israeli
newspapers regarding contacts between the governments of Israel and
Greece create the impression that Greece in fact caved in to political
pressures of an unacceptable kind, applied by the government in

We call upon the Government of Greece to rescind forthwith its order,
prohibiting the flotilla boats from leaving the ports of Greek, let
them sail and ensure the safety of passengers and boats alike.

We call upon the Government of Israel and its armed forces to let the
boats get to Gaza and deliver peacefully their cargo of humanitarian

We hope to witness the boats arriving in safely to their destination.

We call upon the Government of Israel to put an immediate end to the
siege and blockade of Gaza. .

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