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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons to begin hunger strike after violent raids against them

Ma’an – The Minister of Prisoners Affairs Issa Qaraqe said Friday that prisoners in Ashkelon prison will begin a hunger strike on Sunday which will last for three days.

The hunger strike is in protest against violent raids by Israeli forces which took place in the prison on Thursday June 30. [Israel currently holds about 6,000 Palestinians prisoner. Hundreds have never been charged with a crime.]

"The prisoners in all Israeli prisons will begin a hunger strike on Sunday July 3 in protest against the new Israeli policy that humiliates them" a statement released by the prisoners said.

The statement also called on the Palestinian people and government institutions to support prisoners and to announce an uprising against Israeli policies.

During the raids by Nahshon and Metzada units of the Israeli Prison Service, prisoners were assaulted and their possessions sabotaged.

They were also forced to strip naked and were made to wait in the prison courtyard for six hours, a statement by Qarage said.

Kamal al-Turabi, Ra’ed Al-Hroub, Asaad Al-Shuli, and Mohammad Abu Rabia were also all reportedly transferred to different prisons following the events.

Qarage notes that the raid comes following a recent announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that "the party is over" for Palestinian prisoners.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on June 23 that he had instructed the Israeli Prison Service to toughen conditions for Palestinian detainees to pressure Hamas to release captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

According to Qarage, the prison administration has formally informed all prisoners of the new Israeli policies, which include preventing prisoners from continuing their university education in prison.