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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WAFA News Agency monitors incitement and racism in Israeli media

Wafa- Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) monitored incitement and racism against the Palestinians and Arabs published by the Israeli media between June 16 and 24.

Moshe Haim Sheinfeld wrote an article in ‘Hamodia” religious newspaper, in which he opposed the terms of reference of 1967, saying that these aren’t the borders occupied in 1967, but were defined in Independence War in 1948.

He said that a great Israeli once told him that no one has the right to return communities, which Israelis miraculously obtained in Israel. Sheinfeld also incited against President Mahmoud Abbas, accusing him of being a holocaust denier and full of hate.

Heidari Haridam website published an article under the title “We don’t Want Arabs, We Want Haridam,” (Haridam are Jewish religious extremists) by Shimon Japso, mayor of Upper Nazareth city in Israel.

Jaspo, known for his racist opinions, opposed building a mosque in the city in the article. He also commented on the issue of Judaizing the Galilee, saying “It’s a fact that most of the population, even secularists, prefer Haridam to Arabs.”

‘Israel Today’ newspaper published an article by Uri Heitner, marking the fifth anniversary of the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Heitner called to aggravate the conditions of Palestinian prisoners and prevent them from receiving visits.

He called on the Israeli community to change its tactical plan to pressure Hamas to release Shalit. He added that “in a normal situation, I don’t call to deprive the terrorist, but to use them to show Israel’s humanity. But when Hamas bans the Red Cross from visiting Shalit, we must worsen the terrorists detention conditions and ban visits until Hamas allows us to visit Shalit.”

Yosef Doriel published an article in Macor Rishon newspaper, in which he demanded to thwart the Palestinian efforts to seek United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state next September.

Doriel considered this step as “a Tsunami threatening Israel.” He called on Israel to send back the Palestinian leaders to Tunis based on the Arab “Right of Return;” which stated that every Palestinian who lived in the Palestinian Territory for two years and more has the right to return to it.

The newspaper also published an article by Uri Paz Yisrael, on the Israeli Supreme Court dismissal of an appeal to open al-Shohadah street in Hebron to Palestinian passengers.

He said that the Israeli judge is finally convinced with the Israeli security stance; facilitating the Palestinians’ mobility is a continuation of murder and vandalism.

NFC website published an article by Moshe Hasdai, in which he said that Israel must suppress the enemy in Israeli land to deprive the enemy from its ability or will to fight and to cause heavy losses.

“The enemy here is the Palestinian Authority (PA), Hamas, all Palestinian factions and security forces,” Hasdai added. He called on to follow the Turkish pattern of oppression against the Kurdish resistance; destroying the armed PA infrastructure as well as occupying and imposing the Israeli law on vital areas like Ramallah, Gaza, Beit Jala, Nablus, Jericho, Bethlehem, Naqab, Galilee and East Jerusalem.

Hasdai’s strategy also included establishing Arab autonomy counties in Israel, allowing Arabs to receive higher education only in universities headed by Zionist administration in Israel, destroying houses and expelling families of every Arab and Palestinian suicide bomber and terrorist, and aggravating conditions of security prisoners by applying execution, solitary confinement until Gilad Shalit is released.

Moreover, he called on to execute systematic assassination of Palestinian leaders and Islamic figures, to freeze PA and Islamic groups’ money, to force Arabs to conduct civil service and declare loyalty to the Israeli state, and to expel Arabs who refuse to do so.

Moshe Hasdai also published an inciting anti-Islamic article on NFC website, in which he said that “the enemy has one accurate and concise name; Islam and Muslims who support the ideology, which seeks to establish an Islamic universal regime based entirely on Islam law.”

He instigated against Muslims, saying “Muslims exploit concessions made by the democratic states, which are facing an aggressive and ideological threats while the Muslims themselves provide concessions with no intention to fulfill them.”

He said that Muslims look down at the Western secular culture, specially its sexual aspects like pornography, divorce and homosexuality; while they use the loss of Jewish identity in Israel to lure Israeli women to marriage and to build settlements everywhere.

“They [Muslims] commit crimes, smuggle drugs, prostitutes and Sudanese immigrants to Israel. They avenge Islam by helping in the Israeli society degeneration and the fall of the state of Israel,” Hasadi added.
Daniel Phipps published an article in ‘Israel Today’ newspaper, in which he defended the Israeli occupation of Palestine and attempted to refute the Palestinian accusation of the Zionist movement; stealing Palestinian land.

“This allegation is the main slogan of PA and Hamas. It’s important to the Palestinians to convince the world that Israel is a thief and its existence is a historical injustice. The question is: are these allegations historically true?”He added.

Phipps defended the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, saying “all countries were established through invasion and occupation, and always on someone else’s expense. The Jews have returned to the land they were expelled from. Almost all of the countries didn’t have any real historical relation to the land they occupy.”

In an article published on NFC website, Ofer Drori called on the Israeli government not to tolerate with Shalit issue or to rule out any possibility or a chance to release him.

“We should have taken the military action first, and there’s still a possibility to do so. We should ban Palestinian prisoners from family and Red Cross visits, from higher education and watching television. Moreover, we should go back to targeted assassination policy,” he added.

NFC website published an instigating article against Islam by Nurit Granger, in which she said that “Muslims are the heirs of Hitler's dream, or maybe Hitler was the heir of Mohammad’d dream.” She also called Islam “the new Fascism and Nazism.”

She said that the Israelis and Americans are in a state of war against Islam and all the Muslims who seek to harm the Israeli state. She said, “Extremists Muslims are attacking us and the Americans, but unfortunately only 10% of the Americans are aware of that, or willing to admit it.”

Kirl Hadar also published an inciting article at NFC website, in which he accused Abbas of being a weak man without principles or personality.
“Despite of Abbas denial of the Holocaust, the Israeli government is working to keep the man by providing him with millions of dollars in budget and modern arms and ammunition,” he said.

Hadar accused Abbas of bribing Hamas and joining it in one government, as well attacked him personally, saying “Abbas isn’t just Israel’s problem, he’s everyone’s problem. Abbas’ involvement with Ismail Haniyeh isn’t honorable to the Palestinian prime minister in Gaza.”

Hadar called on the Israeli government to cancel all agreements with PA, including those concerning Abbas and Fayyad’s legitimacy, as well as to launch direct talks with Hamas government that will lead to a new Middle East.